Who benefits from the T-Cap

 1. Construction
 2. Road Departments
 3. Townships
 4. Property Management
 5. Special Events
 6. Municipalities- Police and Fire Depts.

How much will the T-CAP save you?
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The T-CAP is made in America
and is a green,
100% recyclable product.

T-CAP - Ensuring Your Boundaries Are Safe And Secure


The T-CAP is the most cost effective traffic safety product on the market. It is a traffic cone adapter which universally fits most cones ranging in height from 12" to 36". The T-CAP facilitates the process of securing restricted areas by enabling caution tape to be used to connect a succession of cones. How to use the T-CAP.


The T-CAP lengthens the span between cones allowing the use of fewer cones. Gone are the days of trying to find something, anything to attach the caution tape to! Using random items creates an unsafe and unsightly environment. The use of barricading equipment, barrels, horses and other devices to cordon off an area requires a lot of equipment cost, storage space, and manpower for placement. Using the T-CAP in conjunction with the cone is a time saving, cost effective way to ensure construction site safety in a designated area. The T-CAP enables the job site to be safe, secure and have a much neater appearance. Use our calculator to see the money saving benefits of using this product.

T-CAP Traffic Control Assist Product Parking Lot Safety Without T-CAP
Parking Lot Is Not Safe Without T-CAP Caution Tape Holder
T-CAP Traffic Control Assist Product Parking Lot Safety With T-CAP
Parking Lot Is Safe With T-CAP Caution Tape Holder